How does it work?

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Thanks to smart contracts, you no longer have to share your API keys with anyone to take advantage of dollar cost averaging tools.

The best way to see DCA Stack is simply as an account you manage and fund to automate your dollar cost averaging schedules.

General Steps

At a high level, users use the website interface to create a new schedule. This process will guide a user to select their trading pair, budget, and frequency. We require users to deposit both gas and a trading deposit.

Calculating Deposits

The gas deposit is a calculated estimated amount (with buffer) that will cover all the automated trades for the duration of the schedule.

Say if a user is making 10 trades and each trade is roughly 0.01 MATIC, we require the user to deposit roughly 0.2 MATIC. The reason being is because 0.01 MATIC x 10 trades x 2. The x2 multiplier is a buffer we add to account for gas spikes and changes.

The trading deposit is simply the total DCA amount for the duration of the schedule.

Say if a user is trading 1 DAI for ETH for 10 days, we require the user to deposit 10 DAI to cover the total deposit of the schedule. If you have leftover deposits/gas from a previous schedule, we take into account all balances not used to minimize transactions on your end.

If you are low on deposits/gas and have running schedules, we'll prompt for an additional topups in both the dashboard and when you're creating a new schedule. This will be seen as negative values when you try and create a new schedule.

With deposits in place, they can go ahead and create a new schedule. Upon transaction confirmation, they will get redirected to the dashboard where they can view and manage their schedules + funds.

And that's it! The rest will be handled by DCAStack where your schedule will get executed according to your schedule.

Your Funds Are Always Liquid

Just because you created a schedule and deposited funds does not mean they're locked in the smart contract. You are free to withdraw both funds and gas at any time. Just note that doing so may cause your schedules to not run! On the dashboard page, we recommend selecting the WITHDRAW AVAILABLE option to ensure smooth schedule automation.

If you do end up deciding to WITHDRAW ALL, we do offer prompts to top up gas and top up deposit on schedules where balances are low.

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