Why can't I topup deposit for just one schedule?

If you found yourself in a situation where you have multiple schedules using the same deposit token, you may have noticed that you cannot choose which schedule to top up. Each topup deposit option prompts you to deposit the entire needed amount for ALL schedules using that trading pair to continue.

This is the case because each token deposit is shared across schedules. You cannot dictate which schedule uses which portion of your funds.

For example, say you have two schedules. Schedule #1 trades 1 DAI for ETH and schedule #2 trades 1 DAI for WBTC. Both schedules trade every day for 5 days. This means schedule #1 has 5 DAI deposited and schedule #2 also has 5 DAI deposited for a total of 10 DAI.

Now say you want to withdraw 8 DAI. You go ahead and do so, leaving your balance on DCAStack with just 2 DAI.

Now because both schedules are still active, the top up deposit prompts will ask you to deposit the missing 8 DAI so that both schedules can continue running appropriately.

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